Text-Giving @ Immanuel


Make a Donation with Immanuel’s New “Text to Give” Text FUNDS to 215-544-2399



Notes for Texting


Give + Text Phone Number: 215-544-2399


Vanco Keywords - Note that keywords are not case sensitive.


FUNDS - Donors can send this message to receive a list of the Church’s Give by Text Funds.


To give to a specific fund, enter the gift amount space fund name.

Example: 10 BLDG



Immanuel’s Funds:







No Keyword

- General Fund





- Tithes and Offerings





- Building Fund/ Growing the Dream





- Faith Promise





-Kenya’s Kids





- Benevolence


ASSIST - Sends instructions to the donor via text.


EDIT - Allows donors to edit their name, payment method, address and email.

                   Once the edit keyword is sent, the will receive link.

   ⇨ Response: To manage your profile, go to (link).


To unsubscribe to Immanuel’s Give + Text number, contact the Financial Administrator, Amy Walker, at amy.walker@lansnaz.com


Confirmations and Responses

Registration Link- Sent via text the first time a donation is made.

   ⇨ You’re almost done! Go to (link) to complete your donation.

Donation Confirm- You will receive a confirmation text once you have registered and processed your donation. 


Thank you for donating $(amount) to Immanuel Church of the Nazarene! Text repeat to make this recurring or refund to cancel this donation.