Get Connected: Missions

Our Reach

In the community

We work to provide hands-on ministry opportunities outside the walls of the church to meet the needs of our neighbourhood. There are many ways we serve such as feeding the homeless in Lansdale and Philadelphia, preparing Crisis Care Kits, and helping local thrift shops.

Around Philadelphia Region

We have numerous sponsored outreach projects to serve our area.

Across the globe

We support great causes such as Kenya's Kids Ministries — a project that ministers to abandoned street children in Kenya. Through our support of NMI, we make a global impact by providing housing and salaries for more than 800 missionaries who serve in over 150 world areas.

Make a Difference

You can help support create causes around the world in a few simple ways:

  1. Pray for the health, support, and guidance of our missionaries, and all our volunteers involved in service.
  2. Purchase "Cash for Causes" Cards at Giant to pay for your groceries. You redeem the full amount paid ($25, 50 or $100) and ICN receives 5% of the face value of each card. Interested? Contact us to inquire or request your card(s) today!
  3. If you shop or can shop at Redner’s, ask the cashier for a “PUMP Perks” card. Use your card each time you shop. SAVE your receipts and place them in the designated box in the church mailbox area. We receive 1% of all purchases!!

Kenya's Kids

Children's Ministry Background

In recent years, the number of abandoned children in Africa has mushroomed. Poverty and AIDS have robbed many children of parental care, love, and security. Many have lost both parents, some live with only a single parent or community member, while others must live by themselves with no one to properly nurture and protect them. Frequently, their only possessions are the clothes they wear. On the streets, they beg and dig through trash heaps for something to eat. Finding no shelter, many die alone and forgotten.

Mbooni Children's Home

Kenya's Kids provides hope and a future through Mbooni Children's Home. Established in 1979 with a capacity to house 160 children, the Home provides assistance for children (most of whom are from the Mkamba tribe and are between the ages of 5 and 12), so they receive food and education - at no cost to them! More than this, they are taught Biblical principles and shown the love of Christ.

While at MCH is it our desire that every child be connected with an individual sponsor. A sponsor can be anyone who is interested in building a relationship with the child, supporting and loving them from afar. As we connect each child with a sponsor, it is our hope that through various methods of communication, a deep and lasting relationship can form. Financial sponsorship will provide a healthy living environment including food, shelter, clothing, medical attention, and emotional, social and spiritual care, all managed by a loving staff.

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Kenya's Kids Children's Ministry

610-999-6941 or 215-816-9999